1 Digital POST OFFICE OUNCE SCALE-Tabletop/Desktop Oz Postage/Stamp/Postal Shipping Weight Balance + 5 Gram Gold Test Bar

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This DigiWeigh DWP1001 model digital tabletop scale is perfect for measuring the weight of anything from food items to postal shipments. Its consistent, accurate measurement makes it the perfect tool for anyone who wishes to monitor food and/or supplement intake. It is also useful for measuring recipe ingredients, and for hobbies such as candle & soap making. It also has a piece counting mode which is great for counting any small items that weigh up to half an ounce. This scale uses a sample size of 25, 50, 75 or 100 so that it can accurately calculate an average number of pieces even if one piece weighs less than 0.1g. If your scale becomes damaged from harsh handling during shipment, you won’t have to deal with the manufacturer; simply ship it back to us and we will ship you a FREE replacement.Choose from 4 different modes: Ounce (oz), Gram (g), Grain (gn), Carat (ct)
Capacity & Accuracy: 43 x 0.002 oz, 1200 x 0.1 g, 19200 x 1 gn, 6000 x 0.5 ct
Durable STAINLESS STEEL weighing platform is removable & easy to clean
Includes four (4) “AA” batteries, PLUS an AC Power Adapter Cord and LIFETIME WARRANTY!
Perfect for professional/industrial use, as well as at-home food portion control

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