1 x Lancing Device + 100 x 28G Home Health UK Lancets – Manufacturer Confirmed to be Fully Compatible for PiC Indolor, Microlet, Freestyle, Abbott, One Touch , SD and many more… (Yes – I have a disability, 1 x Lancing Device + 100 Lancets)

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What do I get in this pack?

Why do you need to know if I am disabled?

People with disabilities do not have to pay VAT on products related to their disability. So if for example you are diabetic and want the lancets to check your blood glucose levels then you do not need to pay VAT on this product. Unfortunately, most pharmacies and retailers will require you to pay the full price including VAT and will leave you to fill out a long form to claim the VAT back. The benefit of buying your lancets from us is we have already taken the VAT off.

You will get an adjustable lancing device designed to obtain a small blood sample. You can then choose the number of lancets you want to go with it.
The lancing device and lancets are ideal for obtaining a small blood sample for checking your blood glucose or cholesterol levels. There is also an Alternative Site Cap for the lancing device, which enables you to obtain a blood sample from another part of the body other than the fingertip – eg forearm, palm etc. You will receive full instructions on how to use the lancets and lancing device.

Benefits of this Lancing Device

This lancing device is designed to make obtaining a blood sample as easy and pain free as possible. There is a comfort tip, which offers 5 different levels of skin penetration to ensure you can obtain a sufficient blood sample as painlessly as possible. This is shown in the picture above.

Low priced replacement lancets.
The lancing device and lancets are simple tools to obtain a small blood sample
Comfort adjustable tip to 5 different depths
By purchasing this listing you are confirming that you have been diagnosed with a disability

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