2-in-1 Natural Raspberry Ketone Serum: Concentrated T5 Fat Burner &Natural Raspberry Ketones Blend For GUARANTEED Weight Loss & Detox (2 Month Supply | Suitable for Vegetarians | UK Manufactured)

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Raspberry ketones are natural and extracted from the fruitA high potency, powerful blend of Raspberry Ketone and the Original T5 Fat Burning formula in Sublingual Form for Faster Absorption Rates and Quicker Results
Natural energy boost as a direct result of more carbohydrates being burnt for ‘fuel’, allowing you to train harder, burn fat faster and get in the best shape of your life
Proven to Stimulate Thermogenesis giving the same effect as exercise-induced thermogenesis by burning fat cells to warm up the muscles
High antioxidant activity, providing the whole body antioxidant support – by alleviating oxidative stress and delivering detox enhancing qualities
Maximises weight loss by stimulating, enhancing and regulating metabolic function, allowing your body to remain in fat burning mode for longer periods of time

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