50/100 Strips – SD Codefree Blood Glucose Meter/Control/Test Test Strips Replacement Si- Tengo Diabetes 100 Strips

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Because you know if I am diabetic?
Diabetics Not Have To Pay The VAT but unfortunately the majority of companies require that you pay the total price including VAT and leave that fills a way to reclaim the VAT. But if you buy from us, all you do is confirm if you are diabetic from the drop-down menu and you are charged the price without VAT.
* Note that you should select an option from the first drop down menu to obtain the correct price *
That I receive?
You will receive 50 x SD CodeFree blood glucose test strips. These test strips are for use only with the SD CodeFree blood glucose meter.
You will also receive instructions on how to use the strips and the strips have a minimum of 12 months of the expiration and the majority of time will almost 2 years of the expiration.
Test procedure: Full instructions are included with the meter, which must be read before use the meter. Here is a quick guide:
– Insert a test strip upwards in the slot of the meter. The meter will automatically.
– Use the device for delivering solutions and lancets to obtain a drop of blood. Only need 0.9 microliter of blood.
– Touch and keep the drop of blood in the edge of the strip until yellow window is completely full of blood. The Blood Is Automatically entered in the strip.Simply insert the strip automatically in the slot and the meter will give you a results in just 5 seconds.
These strips can only be used with the SD Codefree meter.
Long Expiry Dates included with the straps.
Codefree prueba- strips no need to re-codificación of the straps or restart of the machine to each new batch of strips purchased.

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