Antibacterial Crew Socks Surport Socks for Diabetes for Men and Women (Gray 3 pairs, White 3 pairs)

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10% of the diabetic have a diabetic foot, and 10% of the diabetic foot have to face the risk of being amputated. Which is definitely a nightmare. Our socks could reduct 80% of this risk.
Our socks also fit for health people who want to have a better feet circulation and protection.

To prove how confident we are in our Socks, we offer a money back guarantee for 30 days. If you are not completely satisfied with your socks, we will refund your purchase with no exception.COMFORTABLE TOP (NON BINDING & HOLD WELL) – Your ankle will never feel tight and the socks will never loose because ( The welt of the socks adopt the 1*1 Rab knit way with wide fabric, it keeps the skin weighted evenly over the welt top, also the “Y” heel strengthen this performence)
ANTI FRICTION DESIGN – Your feet will be protected tenderly to reduce foot pressure and blistering (Full cushion design for sole, Seamless toe, Remember: the skin of a diabetic is so fragile that the pressure could not exceed 5N )
ANTIBACTERIAL / NO ODOR/MOISTURE WICKING – You can enjoy all the benefit of this function, such as No odor and Moisture wicking, most important is reduce the risk of infection
COOL MAX DESIGN – Your feet will keep dry and not stuffy as our special air-out design ( bulid air-bleed hole on the feet instep)
SUPER STRETCHY – SIZE Fits for shoe size 3-11 UK/34-45 EUR

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