CLIPSULIN™ Most Accurate Insulin Pen Dose Recorder & Bluetooth-Enabled Insulin Log Book | Store & Track Dosage, Date & Time of Injection | Works with Diabetic Reusable & Disposable Insulin Pens

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✅ INSULIN PENS MADE SMART – No more time-consuming manual data entries to track your diabetes statistics. This digital reader can easily record and transmit your data by instantly auto-filling it in a log book. Plus, it works with all insulin pens, whether reusable or disposable.
✅ TRACK DOSAGE ACCURATELY – This patented universal insulin dose recorder automatically counts and captures injection times, and exports it seamlessly to DIABNEXT’s mobile app, with 100% accuracy and precision. Avoid forgotten injections or accidental double doses that can lead to fatal events in some diabetes cases.
✅ DIABETES MANAGEMENT MADE EASY – Using an artificial intelligence platform, the user-friendly app by DIABNEXT captures data seamlessly without disrupting patients’ habits, offering the world’s first automated Digital Diabetes management solution. It automatically transfers and analyses all diabetes metrics like blood sugar levels and injection data into the app. A mashup of Diabetes and Next-generation.
✅ YOUR DATA AT YOUR FINGERTIPS – Plus and minus buttons make it easier to edit the insulin units whenever necessary. This Bluetooth-enabled insulin monitor connects easily with your phone or tablet and gives you data and performance reports, at regular intervals. Integrate HealthKit in the DIABNEXT APP for the ultimate user and health management experience.
✅ SLEEK, COMPACT DESIGN – This automatic data recorder is made specially to match your modern lifestyle. It is extremely lightweight, can be carried anywhere so you never forget to enter your dosage details. It has a battery life of 1500 injections and can store up to 200 pieces of injection data. Its sleek design gives it an edgy look and becomes a stylish pairing partner for your Insulin Pen.

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