Code-Free Blood Glucose Test Kit -Meter/Monitor +50pcs Strips- SAFE-ACCU 1 in mmol/L by SinoCare For Diabetics

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Quick and Accurate Result -in mmol/L UK Requirement
Only Needs Small Blood Sample 0.6ul for Testing
Automatic Test Memory – 200 Results
Low Cost Replacement Strips are Available to Order From Us -50pcs Package & 100pcs Package
Testing Solution is NOT Included in This Package

FAD-GDH System
Blood Sample: Fresh Capillary Whole Blood
Calibration Sample:Venous Plasma
Test Range: 1.1-33.3mmol/L
Test Time:10s
Blood Volume:0.6ul
Expiry Date:24 months
Battery Lifetime:1000 Times
Codefree Blood Glucose Monitoring/Testing system package- 1 x Blood Glucose Meter – mmol/L + 50 x Blood Glucose Test Strips
Quick and Accurate Testing Results in the UK Standard Measurement of mmol/L
Automatic Test Memory – 200 Results
Large Display- Easy to Read
Only Needs Small Blood Sample 0.6ul for Testing

The 3 Week Diet

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