Diabetes BUNDLE (Diabetes + Diabetic Cookbook): Diabetes Prevention And Symptoms Reversing, A Guide To Diabetes Diet + 30 Diabetes Diet Recipes For Diabetic … Dummies, Reverse Diabetes Without Drugs 4)

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*** UPDATED 4th EDITION May 2017 ***
*** Revised content. Grammar correction. ***


  • BOOK 1: Diabetes: Diabetes Prevention And Symptoms Reversing, Guide To Diabetes Diet, Nutrition Tips, The “Cure” For Diabetes Type 2
  • BOOK 2: Diabetic Cookbook: 30 Diabetes Diet Recipes For Diabetic Living, Create Healthy And Delicious Meal Plan, Control Low Sugar And Reverse Diabetes Naturally With Easy Cooking

Discover Everything About Diabetic Living And Discover How To Reverse Diabetes, Learn How To Prepare 30 Delicious Recipes, Specifically Designed For Diabetics!

For many people, being diagnosed with diabetes is like a death sentence. The simple fact that you know that the condition can kill you, if you don’t take caution, is enough to give you sleepless nights. However, this does not need to be so. Just because you are diabetic does not mean that you cannot live and enjoy life. All that you need to do is be more careful in terms of what you eat, when you eat, as well as how and when you exercise. This is not hard at all considering that all of us, whether diabetic or not, need to pay attention to what we eat and our exercise regime, if we don’t want to end up overweight or obese.

The first book of this great bundle has lots of valuable information for diabetics. You will learn how to reverse diabetic symptoms and what you should eat in order to live a healthy complication-free life. You will also find a very helpful and easy to follow guide to diabetes diet. Reading this book will give you a sort of new lease of life because you will learn that living with diabetes does not need to be as hard as many people take it to be.

Diabetes should not be an obstacle in your desire to eat tasty food. If you scout the market you can get many products that are specially created for diabetics, to help them enjoy different cuisines. The second book of this bundle shares diabetic recipes that will help you in a process of creating a lifestyle in which you will be able to eat anything you want without being bothered with your ailment. Author included different types of recipes in order to ensure variation and satisfaction for your taste buds. Helpful nutritional values are also provided.
Go ahead and try these wonderful recipes!

Here Is A Preview Of What You’ll Learn:

  • Important Statistics On Diabetes
  • What Are The Common Symptoms Of Diabetes
  • Checking Blood Sugar Levels
  • What Do Your Results Mean?
  • Can You Reverse Type II Diabetes?
  • What Has Nutrition Got To Do With It?
  • Guide To Diabetes Diet
  • Nutrition Tips
  • How To Include Sweets In Your Diet
  • How To Cut Down On Sugar
  • The Best 30 Recipes To Help You In Your Diabetes Journey
  • FREE BONUS At The End Of The Book
  • And Much More!

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