Elite Medical Isothermal Cool Bag for Diabetes Insulin (Blue)

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The Elite Isothermal bag is very portable and ideal for travel. The bag is designed to keep insulin cool and has compartments to allow the carriage of other diabetes equipment. The bag can be used as a case, little bag, or carry bag and is adaptable to the diabetics normal life and needs, to contain all the user’s personal belongings. Features:
• 1 main isothermal compartment.
• 1 main accessories compartment
• Reusable cold gel included
• Suitable for all ages and occasions
• External dimensions: 18 x 12 x 8 cm

Sold by MediBargains approved global distributors1 main isothermal compartment
1 main compartment for accessories
Suitable for cold carriage of diabetic pens
Reusable cold gel included
Sold by MediBargains approved global distributors

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