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The new fruit powder from the house of Franky’s Bakery
The fruit powder for a healthy, Sportgerechtes Früchstück, as a delicious fruit powder
In sweets such as biscuits, Miclhp rod Duktey spreads, muesli and smoothies.
In addition our fruit powder does not contain: Sugar and sleeve fat,
The The Body Quick Energy provide and longer such as carbohydrates as fat Verstoffwechselt.
PERFUMES are now of a key part of of almost all types of food and particularly sweet sweet or savoury.
Many products including fruit flavour yoghurt and Quark food with fruit, of which you think you are healthy,
Because they are with dairy products as well fresh fruit, pure Mogel threads and kits.
Usually the fruit content would be simply use 1 to 2% and the real taste that lingers is using
Artificial aromas and a amount of sugar,
So you simply nothing else, as a dairy or ungesunden Sugar to take.
Against this background make inevitably the question,
If it were not better, such a food in healthier way to prepare yourself.
Unfortunately, taste most commercial available flavours such as Backaromen you have in supermarkets,
‘, Just as the name “artificial perfumes Nahelegt:
Artificial. Often you have only ansatzweise find something to do with the taste that you have to on the label.
To ensure it is truly any aroma will find that you wish you,
Fruit of the powder we have ever played with before stepping 16 different flavours and this figure will be packed securely by our professional team in the future even further.
Fruit of the powder – the mouth watering traditional taste of the good old days – completely without unnecessary sugar and without unnecessary calories. The new Franky’s Bakery fruit powder with the traditional taste.
For use as a healthy, Sportgerechstes Breakfast, nice fruit powder in confectionery e.g. for biscuits, dairy products, Spread with muesli and smoothies.
We at Frankys Bakery have created a delicious fruit powder who made exclusively of healthy ingredients are, the missing in any healthy Sport diet should be.
Also consult our fruit powder does not contain: sugar and sleeve fat which the body with quick energy and provide more such as carbohydrates as fat Verstoffwechselt.
The new fruit powder from Franky’s Bakery are available in a large selection of flavours.

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