Kbsin212 Healthy Pillowcase Earthing – Silver Fiber cotton Grounding Earthing Pillowcase ,Reduce Or Eliminate Chronic Pain,Increase Energy And Reduce Stress

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Product Name: Healthy pillowcase (without pillow inner)

Bedding fabric: cotton

Fabric main component: cotton

The main component content of the fabric: 96.5

Fabric sub-component: silver wire

Fabric sub-ingredient content: 3.5

Color Category: White

Applicable object: for single pillow

Dimensions: about 74*48cm/29.13*18.90in

Weight: about 600g

Product Index:

Thickness index: conventional

Softness index: soft

Elasticity index: micro-elastic

Benefits of grounding:

1.Reduce or eliminate jet lag, let you be in line with the potential of the location for the first time, no need to worry about sleep disturbance caused by jet lag.

2. Protect the body from damages caused by electromagnetic waves and static electricity, and prevent static electricity and radiation.

3. After vigorous physical activity, quickly restore physical strength and accelerate wound healing.

1. Supplement free ion nutrients – vitamin G (G stands for the ground), just as the body needs other vitamins, health also needs vitamin G!without pillow inner
2. Repair the body’s antioxidant system to effectively reduce free radicals. Free radicals are the culprit leading to inflammation, and inflammation can trigger chronic diseases. For example: heart disease, muscle sclerosis, diabetes, rheumatism, arthritis, lupus erythematosus, etc. Grounding can reduce and resist Inflammation.
3. Eliminate the cause of inflammation, relieve or eliminate many of the bad symptoms caused by inflammation.Make people energetic every day.Relieve the nervous system, reduce the secretion of stress hormones, reduce stress, and promote physical and mental calm.
8. Promote the body’s metabolism, normalize the physiological cycle, relieve aging, detoxify and nourish the skin.Dilute blood, improve blood pressure, promote blood flow, and effectively avoid cardiovascular disease.
10. Relieve muscle tension and headaches.Reduce endocrine disorders and menstrual symptoms, especially to alleviate the adverse symptoms caused by menopause.Prevent and rapidly cure bedsore, especially suitable for nursing homes and long-term bedridden people, greatly reducing their suffering.

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