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Allergy Reliever.

Around the world many people suffer from allergic rhinitis and/or hayfever and when it comes to the summer months the suffering can become a lot worse due to the presence of pollen and other allergens. The Kinetik Allergy Reliever offers the user an effective and fast acting solution to the irritating symptoms associated with allergies. Using red light therapy, the Allergy Reliever suppresses the cells that release histamine, thereby quelling the usual reactions related to hayfever and other allergies. The ergonomic design lends itself to simple use and features replaceable nose probes for multi person use as well as a lanyard so the Allergy Reliever can be hung around the user’s neck making it fully portable.

Product Specification:

One Allergy Reliever

Suitable for sufferers of hayfever

Relieves irritating symptoms associated with allergic rhinitis

No more watery eyes, runny nose and sneezing

Portable, ergonomic design

Simple and easy to use

Replaceable nose probes for multi person use

Length: 86mm (3.5″)

Width: 60mm (2.5″)

Height: 38mm (1.5)

In association with St John Ambulance. Used to relieve irritating symptoms associated with Allergic rhinitis–watery eyes, runny noses and sneezing
Uses red light therapy to suppress the cells that release histamine
Simple, portable, ergonomic design and easy to use
Proven to relieve allergy symptoms

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