Nicks Favourite Mix Box with Assorted Chocolate Bars, no Added Sugar, Gluten Free (10 x 40g + 2 x 25g)

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Tastes is different for everyone, so it’s a good idea to buy and try out our chocolates from the Chocolate Mix Box first. We have made our chocolate by only using natural ingredients and by not adding any refined sugar with empty calories or other artificial sweeteners. With that we can proudly say that our sweet yummy chocolate has a natural flavor and amazing taste. We mainly replace carbs with Moreover all chocolates including our wafers are wheat and gluten free. The boxes are prepacked and because of that the content cannot be tailored. All boxes contains: 4 x 40g Kexbar/chocolate coated wafer bar + 3 x 40 g Coconut bar + 3 x 40g Peanut and Fudge + 1 x 25g Milk chocolate + 1 x 25g Dark chocolate. ALL BARS ARE SUITABLE FOR VEGETARIANS. ARE GLUTEN AND WHEAT FREE. NO ADDED SUGAR OR SYRUPS.ALL NICKS CHOCOLATE FAVORITES – Never tried our yummy chocolate before, this is a perfect way to taste some of our chocolates in a smart way
NO ADDED SUGAR – Our delicious chocolates doesn’t need any added unhealthy refined sugar to taste sweet and delicious
100% GLUTEN & WHEAT FREE – Completly without gluten or wheat that transforms into sugar in your body
PERFECT SNACK – The bar is a great convenient snack, in the office, to bring with your on the go, or just inbetween breaks during the day
SUITABLE FOR – Dieters of Keto, LCHF, low carb and for diabetics as well for those who in general wants to reduce sugar and sweeteners that rise their blood sugar level

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