Omnitest 3 Set – Complete kit for measuring blood glucose

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Omnitest 3 Set Complete kit for measuring blood glucose in capillary blood Description Advantages at a glance: Measurement time is only 3 sec. Small sample volume of only 0.3 µL. Auto-coding eliminates potential user errors. Convenient strip ejector for safe disposal of used test strip. Marking function for pre and post meal, medication and tests with control solution. Five different customizable alarms. Calculation of three average values in the range between 1 and 99 days. Big display offers best view of all values. Easy data management with the free of charge online diabetes diary Omnitest® Center or the compatible software DIABASS. Meter could be used without being removed from the meter case. Kit includes: Omnitest 3 device with batteries, Omnilance lancing device, 10 Omnican® Lance soft lancets, 10 Omnitest 3 test strips, check strip for functional control, meter case. Measurement accuracy fulfills the tightened requirements of EN ISO 15197:2013, only for in vitro diagnostic use.

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