TEE2 blood glucose meter Monitoring System

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The TEE2 blood glucose meter from Spirit Healthcare is a meter with a monochrome display. In addition to providing all the basic essential functions of blood glucose testing, such as a small test sample size, good sized memory and a range of averages, the TEE2 takes test strips that have a long shelf life Accuracy to ISO 15197:2015 standards1 • Bluetooth functionality • SmartLog compatable helping people manage their condition • Small blood sample required • 5 second test time • Auto coding minimises errors • Downloads to Diasend • Stores 1,000 readings (conforming to current DVLA requirements) • Strip expiration date indicator • 1, 7, 14, 30, 90 day test averaging tool (total, pre/post meal) • Large, clear screen500 Memory (meets current DVLA guidance)
Auto-coding – minimising errors
Clear large screen
Simple and easy to use blood glucose meter

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