The Essential Diabetes Diet Cookbook: A Quick Start Guide To Managing Your Diabetes Through Diet PLUS Over 100 Diabetic Friendly Recipes

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If you’re ready to make a change to improve your health, then this guide to managing your diabetes through diet is the perfect place to begin!

This sugar-free recipe book takes a comprehensive approach to understanding how you can help yourself through healthy eating and provides you with simple steps on how to do it!

This diabetes diet cookbook provides you with 100 delicious healthy recipes, such as, coconut pancakes, sweet & slow spicy chicken, butterbean & courgette cakes, sausage & squash mash, prawns & lemon quinoa and peanut butter chocolates!

– Manage your diabetes and help control your glucose levels!
– Improve your well-being and feel great!
– Discover what to eat and why!
– Understand fructose and fruit sugars!
– Understand which fats are healthy and which aren’t!
– Over 100 delicious diabetic friendly recipes!

The 3 Week Diet