The Fast Diet Magic Book: The Cheat’s Guide to Easy Weight Loss with Intermittent Fasting

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Why another fast diet book? Fast diets or ‘intermittent fasting’ are a weight loss sensation, a dieting revolution which has allowed millions of people to lose weight naturally, easily, quickly, safely and keep it off. But for some of us, things haven’t been quite so simple. Some of us have found intermittent fasting difficult, unpleasant or we simply have not lost as much weight as we had hoped. So why read The Fast Diet Magic Book? If you tried 5:2 fasting but just didn’t lose much weight If you had some success with intermittent fasting but found it very difficult If you need a way to cope better with the hunger If you wish your weight loss could be much faster while intermittent fasting If you suffered with headaches, ravenous hunger or low energy If you are just starting out and don’t know which type of intermittent fasting to do …then you should read this book. There are plenty of weight loss books detailing the science behind intermittent fasting. This is not one of them. The Fast Diet Magic Book is written as a helper, a friend to guide you through the psychological side of fasting – to help you manage the hunger, the boredom, the weaker moments, the side-effects to keep your weight loss motivation high. If you are one of the very many people who doesn’t seem to lose weight doing normal 5:2, this book will suggest various ways in which you may have been going wrong. And for those of you who have been doing everything right and still had little success with intermittent fasting, it will show you exactly why. You can even use it as a guidebook to create your own programme for weight loss, all based on variations of intermittent fasting. This book will show you: The simple but crucial mistakes you may inadvertently be making which may be sabotaging your weight loss How to almost magically accelerate your weight loss with small but powerful changes to the standard 5:2 fast diet All the other kinds of intermittent fasting such as 16:8, 19:5 and 24 hour f

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