The New Essential Blood Sugar Diet Cookbook: A Quick Start Guide To Balancing Your Blood Sugar Through Diet. Improve Your Health And Lose Weight PLUS Over 80 New Blood Sugar Friendly Recipes

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With plenty of simple and delicious blood sugar-friendly recipes to choose from, this book is a handy resource for anyone embarking on the blood sugar diet and looking for great new recipe ideas.

This easy-to-follow book provides you with plenty of delicious calorie counted, sugar-free, low carbohydrate recipes plus a reminder of what foods to avoid, to help you lose weight and re-balance your blood sugar for better health.

Lose weight, improve your blood sugar and unleash a healthier, slimmer and happier you!

Over 80 Delicious New Calorie-Counted Recipes
-Re-balance your blood sugar!
-Discover what you can and can’t eat!
-Lose weight, increase your energy and feel great!
-Unleash a healthier and happier you!
-Plenty of tasty recipes to choose from!

The 3 Week Diet