Type 2 Diabetes Cookbook & Action Plan: The Ultimate Beginner’s Diabetic Diet Cookbook & Kickstarter Action Plan Guide to Naturally Reverse Diabetes + Proven, Easy & Healthy Type 2 Diabetic Recipes

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Diabetes is tantamount to stories of struggles. The very first struggle was to process the fact that you are in the pre-diabetic stage. It’s never easy. The more you think about the disease, the more you get inundated with ‘what if’s’. One reality that people living with diabetes need to deal with is how to come to terms with the disease on a daily basis. What to do? What not to do? What to eat? How not to suffer? The list of questions continues. It can get pretty tiring at some point, especially when you are completely lost in the process. But, one thing is certain, you need to cultivate determination throughout the process. Yes, you need to stick your neck out and deal with it. You need to overcome your fear of this disease to be able to manage it.

Most importantly, you need an Action Plan! In other words, you need that weapon to destruct what could destruct you from the inside. Yes, an Action plan that entails your micro goals. Your ultimate goal is to reverse your pre-diabetes stage. Your micro goals, on the other hand, should direct your steps on how to strike the balance among your food, physical activities, and medication in order to combat the repercussions of this condition. Bear in mind, diabetes is a lifelong disease. When you are unable to reverse the pre-diabetic stage, you will find yourself battling with a bigger monster. Love yourself more, and this book will help and guide you on how you can exactly do this. With the right action plan in hand, you will be able to take charge of your life!

The 3 Week Diet

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