Unisex Portable Urinal/Toilet / Loo With Carry Handle And No-Spill Screw-On Cap

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Desperate for the loo and miles away from the next motorway services? This handy portable urinal kit is perfect when you’ve got to go!
Our unisex portable toilet is equipped with a cup-shaped adaptor for female use, and may be used by men without the adaptor.
The ideal travel companion – perfect for long car journeys, camping, hiking and remote areas. Just imagine having one of these on a campsite – no need to get dressed and walk to the toilet block in the middle of the night! It’s lightweight, too – weighing just 93 grams (3.3oz) without the female adaptor.
New and improved no spill lid! Our portable potty is fitted with a secure screw-on lid for hygienic, no spill storage after use. The lid is designed to be a tight fit that keeps contents inside securely.
The ideal aid for people who are in a wheelchair or bed-bound. Perfect for convalescents, during and after pregnancy when you need to go more often, and for people who find it difficult to make it to the toilet in time.
The capacity of this loo is 0.85 litres (30 fl oz).
Ideal when your kids need the toilet – usually just after you’ve passed the services. This portable toilet is ideal for children to use. Keep one in the car at all times for emergency use, and save yourself the headache of wet clothes, a miserable child and smelly car seats!
The Portable Urinal Kit is anatomically shaped and made of sanitary plastic. Rinses clean after use and features a tight sealing screw cap. Female adaptor and comfort grip handle included.
– Overall, without female adaptor: Length 25.5cm (10″); Height 12cm (4.75″); Width 10cm (4″);
– Male aperture diameter: 4cm (1.5″);
– Capacity: 0.85 litres (30 fl oz);
– Colour: Blue only.Unisex design for men and women
No-spill screw cap and 85cl capacity
Perfect for children on car journeys
Female adaptor included
Carry handle; Easy clean

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