ZCCZ Blood Glucose Monitoring System Kit

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Power Mode: Direct current
Applicable parts: Hand department
Unit of measure: MMOL/L
Check Range: 1.1mmol/l~3.3mmol/l
Target blood: microvascular whole Blood
Blood Volume: 1ul (micro-liter)
Blood volume ratio: 30%~60%
Automatic shutdown: 15 seconds ~3 minutes
Correction Standard: Plasma correction1.FULL KIT FOR BLOOD GLUCOSE TESTING.blood glucose monitor + test strips+ lancets+ 2 AAA batteries + user manual, you can find it comfortable to test blood glucose at home with less pain and less time
2.EASY TO USE.No coding required (auto calibration) is designed to reduce user error and ensures accurate test results much more quickly, easier than ever, simply insert a new test strip to turn the meter on and apply 0.6 micro liters of blood making it suitable for all ages
3.All test strips are fresh
4.FAST AND ACCURATE RESULTS. The advanced electrode strips which avoids interference from blood oxygen variations give you the assurance of accurate second test results each time
5.A GREAT OPTION FOR GIFT. High-contrast LCD display offers you large readings in a small, discreet meter; Particularly important in diet, activities and medication management for a loved one with hyperglycemia or hypoglycemia

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